Prepaid Funerals

Prepaid Funerals2021-12-21T17:54:15+10:30

You can arrange a funeral plan that meets your needs with the Funeral Director.

You pay the amount required, through the Funeral Director into an accredited funeral plan Fund or Society. This money is not kept by the Funeral Director. It is a once off payment for the funeral, unless extras or alterations are requested by the family at the time of need. If extra costs are incurred then, these will be reimbursed to the Funeral Director by the family or estate.
The pre-paid funeral plan is assigned to the Funeral Director, who will conduct the funeral as per the plan when required, and claim the monies from the funeral plan fund after the funeral.
Note: Generally cemetery lease and grave digging fees are not included in the pre-paid, but paid by the family or estate at the time of need.

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