Burial Funeral Service

Burial Funeral Service2021-12-21T17:54:15+10:30

For a Funeral Service with a burial we will liaise with the cemetery curator and grave digger to organise the burial.  Decisions from the family for a new cemetery plot will include the selection of the cemetery, single or companion plot and depth of the grave, for future burials in the same plot.  For an existing plot there may be a ledger which requires a monumental mason to lift and replace after the burial ~ we will arrange this with the monumental mason.

On the day of the funeral we will setup cemetery site with matting, lowering machine, chairs (4) and a canopy (weather and location permitting).

The burial can be held immediately after the Funeral Service or reconvene at the cemetery at a selected time, either publically or privately, or prior to the service.


Cemetery policies and fee structures vary considerably, as do the lease terms and restrictions on the use of the cemetery.  Please contact us if you would like information and pricing for a cemetery.

Leases ~

The length of time of the lease is set by the cemetery, the most common being 50 or 99 years.  The lease time starts at the time of taking out the lease, not at the time of the first burial.  Some cemeteries may have policies on leasing, reservations and choice of the plot position.

Single or Companion Sites ~

The cemetery may have a preference or policy of single plots with initial burial placed at the second depth, rather than companion plots (2 graves side by side) to save space. Cemetery plots can generally also have Cremated Remains placed in them also.

Depth of the Grave ~

Generally cemeteries will allow up to 3 burials per site, if there is any possibility of a future burial in the site then a double or even triple depth grave is an option to consider.