Cremation Funeral Service

Cremation Funeral Service2021-12-21T17:54:14+10:30

For a funeral service with a cremation, the forms required by Births, Deaths & Marriages, and the crematorium, are completed during the funeral arrangements.

Our cremation fee is for cremations to take place at Northern Region Crematorium, and includes the transfer to the crematorium and return of the cremated remains to our funeral home.  Other crematoriums can be selected, fees and travel can be advised.

The cremation can occur either following the service, or prior to the service.  When the cremation takes places prior to the service, the cremated remains can be at the service in an urn.  We have a wooden box urn available to use for the service if required.

A range of urns and keepsake urns are on display at the funeral home, including urns suitable for water.  See the Cremation Urns page for more information.