The cremation process ~

the cremator temperature is between 800 and 1000 degrees centigrade. Following the cremation the remains are cooled and any metal is removed with magnets, eg nails, prostheses. The remains are then transferred to a machine which processes the remains into granules. They are then placed in a container and the name of the person placed inside the container as well as an outside label to identify the cremated remains. The cremator can hold only one coffin at a time and the identity of the person being cremated stays with the remains at all times.

If your wish is to be cremated ~

to ensure your wish to be cremated is carried out, provide clear instructions, preferably in writing, to your executor and/or family. Written instructions can also be included in your Will. The application for a cremation permit is lodged by Barossa Funerals. If a family member or other person objects to the cremation, a permit will not be issued.

Cremated Remains ~

Choices for the placement of cremated remains.
Cemeteries provide a selection of places specifically for internment of cremated remains, eg Niche Wall, Rose Garden, Tree plots, lawn areas and other specific areas as set aside by the Cemetery. Cremated remains can also be interred in an existing (eg family) grave site or their own grave site (subject to individual cemetery policies).
They can be scattered or interred in the family gardens, or on public land or other land, subject to the approval of the owners of such land.
They can be kept at home in the container from the crematorium or placed in a cremated remains urn or similar. A range of urns in wood, ceramic and metal are on display at the funeral home.

When the cremation occurs ~

when the hearse leaves the service it will travel direct to the crematorium, providing the arrival time is within their hours of operation. If the service is late in the afternoon, an evening or a weekend,(unless specific arrangments are made with the crematorium) the coffin is kept at the funeral home and taken to the crematorium the next working day morning. The cremation is scheduled at the crematorium at a time available (normally the same day the coffin is received).
Depending on the cemetery costs, cremation is usually a cheaper option than burial. Our current cremation fee is $550.

Is the coffin burnt ~

the Coffin including the handles and trim (if combustible) are burnt. The body is not taken out of the coffin and the crematorium does not open the coffin.

Viewing the coffin being placed into the cremator ~

this can be arranged by the Funeral Director who will be with you at the crematorium.

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