Cemetery sites:

Single site ~

most cemeteries will allow upto 3 burials per site as well as internment of cremated remains. If there is any possibility of a future burial in the site then a double or even triple depth grave is an option to consider.

Companion site ~

2 graves side by side. Each site can also be used for multiple burials and or cremated remain interments. Some cemeteries have a policy of not allowing companion sites.

Site Leases ~

The length of time of the lease is set by the cemetery, with the most common being 25, 50 or 99 years. Lease time starts at the time of taking out the lease, not at the time of the first burial. However in the majority of cases, the lease is generally taken out at the time of need for the first burial. Taking the lease out sooner, is used for selecting and reserving a gravesite of your choice. This also allows for monumental work to be placed on the gravesite before time of need. Some cemeteries do not allow the selection of sites and allocate the next available site.


Cemeteries are owned by either the local council, the church or are private. Fees vary between cemeteries and can include a Site Lease Fee, Grave Digging Fee, Curator Fee and Maintenance Fee. The Funeral Director can advise the costs for the selected cemetery.

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